I Love Northampton


The club is currently under the chairmanship of Leon Bar well and coached and captained under Jim Mallinder and Dylan Hartley respectively. The club is associated with the Aviva premiership and regularly plays at this league.

Currently ranked 5th in the EPC, Northampton has a total of 5 points. They have managed to keep their game play and position in the charts consistent and this is what makes them recognizable.

They had started off the matches in the 21st century on a poor note, losing most of the matches in the 2000-2001 seasons. Their performance kept on dropping and when they managed to qualify for the Power Gen Cup and the Heineken Cup, it was of great value to them. From then on, Northampton has managed to put up a decent performance and stay on an average position in the charts so as to keep their fan base going steady.

The 2008-2009 seasons was another great season as Northampton as it managed to end up not only at 8th position but lost only a single game to the Newcastle Falcons. They also managed to win the European challenge cup that year and went on to gaining a position at the Heineken Cup as well.

In 2010, the club also won the LV Cup after defeating their competitors Gloucester rugby in the finals by a margin of 30-24. Following this they also managed to finish second in the Guinness Premiership and went on to losing at the quarter final at the Heineken Cup.