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Northampton Helps Develop Young Talent For Rugby

A team not only looks at the players that are part of the first team but also potential players who are being groomed by the associated academy.

The latest focus on such a talent is Paul Hill. He is expected to perform well for the England team. Being part of the U20s team from England, he has moved to the senior side very quickly. With the form that he showcases, Paul Hill is being considered to be one of the best bets that England has when they face Australia.

Jason Leonard, being part of the winners’ league himself, is focusing on Paul Hill and how he can help be an asset to the team he belongs to. Leonard is RFU President. He has won every type of honor that exists in the rugby union. These comprised of Grand Slams as well as the World Cup in 2003 among other accolades. He now believes that Hill, having received caps twice, would be able to help England in their game against Australia.

Jones had guides England when they played a Grand Slam and had played a key role in the country’s dominant position in Sydney and Melbourne. Hill would be part of Red Rose and Jones is hopeful that his legacy will be continued by Hill who would add to the tally. As Hill prepares to play for the senior level, the upcoming tour would help Hill to showcase his playing skills. Hill has already won about 19 test caps in the Under 20s category. He also participated in the world rugby under 20s championship and reached the finals. The 2014 crown was clinched by his team. This is an instance of how the premier teams like Northampton help to develop fresh young talent who can help England to their way to greatness in the world of rugby. This time the focus is on the rising star Paul Hill along with other promising players from Northampton.