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BKK Lions look to inject new life in their Committee following their successful season

The country of Thailand is known for its beautiful locales, markets and hospitality. Sport is an integral part of the nation as well. It is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in Asia. Thus the interest in various forms of sports is owing to the cross culture that exists in the country. There has recently been a growing interest in Rugby. It is an upcoming sport and the younger generation is taking to it like the fish to the water. The BKK Lions is one of the most popular clubs in the nation that helps the junior players to have a proper training and grow up into worthwhile players. The club nurtures children from the age of five to eighteen. A large number of professional coaches, medical and conditioning staff have been associated with BKK Lions over the last decade. The facilities and infrastructure has improved in leaps and bounds.
The BIT 2004 International Youth tournament proved to be a great success story for the club. Strong and impressive performances were put up by the players in Under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. They became the club runners up in the categories for Under 10, 12 and 14. However the greatest impression was created by the Under 16 and 18 players who managed to become the Plate champions. The teams will be hoping to perform even better in the upcoming events like Pattaya-10 and Phuket-10. New blood has been injected into the Committee of the BKK Lions. Rod Kerr has joined as the club chairman and Atawhai Tibble as the General Manager. Brian Sinclair Thompson takes up as the Youth coaching coordinator for 13-18 along with Keir Merrick for the 8-12 age groups. Tony Taylor takes up as the Sponsorship manager and Dinner co-ordinator with Billy Hill as the recruitment co-ordinator.